Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend at Lake District - Keswick

went to lake district on sunday. took 2 hours to reach the lakes district and went to one of the lake town, keswick, a small town surrounded by mountains, which some covered by snow. it is really beautiful place and main attraction here are trekking around the lake, lake cruise and mountain climbing. it was gloomy in the morning but sunny by the mid day. i hope to return to this area again and do some trekking...

blogging on the move:

A little bit confusion with the BST, and woke up half an hour before leaving NCL. Will be leaving soon and another road trip to the most beautiful part of England, Lake District. Hope the weather will be sunny...

British Summer Time

It's BST now...the time moved one hour ahead at 0100hour on the last sunday of an hour longer daytime until last sunday of's 2am now!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Road Trip 06

blogging from my MacBook:

just arrived home around exhausted for a four-day road trip accross two countries, England and Wales...will update the road trip after the recovery with all photos...zzzzzzzzz... :)

have a nice weekend to all...will spend my weekend at Lake District, the most beautiful part of England...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Road Trip 05

blogging on the move:

Just arrived at Cheshire after 6hours journey from Cardiff. Pphheeww...jammed at a few places along the M5 motorway, and if not because of the jam, it just take 3hours to reach Cheshire. Now at the Cheshire Oaks, a designer outlet selling branded items at factory price. Very big! Now thinking to do or not to do the shopping craze...aaarrrrgggghhhhhh...

Road Trip 04

blogging on the move:

It's a last day of my road trip. What a great trip so far even though a little bit tired driving all the way from NCL to Harrogate-Leeds-York-Cambridge-Luton-Oxford-Bath-Bristol so getting ready to continue my trip to Cardiff-Chester-Manchester...ciao!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Road Trip 03

blogging on the move:

Just arrived in Bristol after visiting Oxford and Bath. Will reply to comments soon. Will go to Cardiff, Wales tomorrow before going up northwest.

Road Trip 02

blogging on the move:

Left Leeds Central early in the morning and headed to York. One of the beautiful city with all the places of interest within walking distance. Beautiful city with a lot of blooms some says like Amsterdam, but it is early spring, not much blooms yet. It also a city where Jenny Cook, one of the finalists of Breaking into Tesco. A celebrity cook from Malaysia, and she won a place with her curry laksa, but could not manage to savour her curry laksa because she was back to Malaysia for a break. Hope next time...(thanks kak teh). Next destination: Cambridge. Drove almost two hours before reached Cambridge and met Josh's friend, Kak Lin. Went around the city and dinner treated by Kak Lin at her place. Thanks Kak Lin's hospitality. Next stop to Luton for a night. Oyasumi!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Road Trip 01

blogging on the move:

Left NCL around 5pm on Tuesday and drove all the way Harrogate, a small nice town famously known on its tea rooms. Eventhough reached there early evening, the beautiful town can be seen and visited the famous tea room called Betty. After spent a few hours, the next destination, Leeds and stayed over nite at Leeds Central. Simple dinner with fried chicken & chips. Oyasumi...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Snowy SPRING - Easter Monday

The snow still falling from morning to evening. Almost everyday since Easter Friday we have snow in spring. At least we can make some snowballs and it feels like winter again :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Holiday

The Easter will be hit by snow and cold wind. Not like last year, this year Britons face one of the coldest ever Easters since 1913. The Met Office said that the temperature would reach no higher than 6 degrees Celsius and snow in Scotland and in the east of England. The rain was expected during Easter Monday to complete the miserable weekend. Great that by Tuesday i will hit the road and travel south and to Wales. I hope the weather will be much better then.

This morning temperature...

and evening temperature...

Theatre: EQUUS

Gonna watch Equus by Peter Shaffer on the last day of a week-long show at Theatre Royal on March 29. Equus has created controversial for the first time in 30 years of the play when it made a comeback in the West End last year, when Daniel Radcliffe, an innocent of Harry Porter took a lead role of the play. I did not manage to watch it last year since all the shows were sold out. Daniel has to appear naked onstage and created uproar amongst the parents who said the youngster will bring bad image to Harry Porter. "Equus" is the story of a young man, Alan Strang who blinds six horses in an erotic ritual, and his subsequent psychiatric treatment by Martin Dysart, who try to cure the boy. The play has been given 5-STAR by The Sunday Times.

However, the lead actor has taken over by Alfie Allen, the latest rising star of the Allen family and brother of Lily, most recently seen in the blockbuster film Atonement, and the greatest stage actor Simon Callow will take the centre stage.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Travel Plan & Snowy Spring

It's Easter break and the office looks deserted. Everybody taking a short break and i will have mine next week, will have a road trip down south, to York, Leeds, Cambridge, Oxford, Bath, Bristol and across Bristol Channel to Cardiff, capital city of Wales, and proceed to Manchester and back to Newcastle. Weekend Saturday will go to Theatre Royal for Equus and Sunday will be spent in Lake District, the most beautiful part of England. Early April, i might be going to Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands...a famous tulip garden and this is the time the tulips bloom. Aaaaarrrggghhhhh...i hope all my travel plans will be materialized since i already cancelled my trip to Amsterdam, Luxembourg and Brussels (already bought the flight and train tickets) and i wish another trip to Prague will go as planned...and last night, we have our first spring snow and might be snowy for a few days...snow in spring!

Updates: Snowy a whole day and i was caught in the snow just wore a T and hoodie, and jeans while out from Tesco in Kingston Park...and my body temperature just shot up...lucky not so bad and had a nice nasi lemak for a dinner...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A dinner at Libyan friend

I've been invited for a dinner tonight by Abdul Salam, a Libyan friend living in Wingrove Avenue. The food was really nice and much better than the one i had at Syrian or Persian restaurants. We had savoury rice cooked with muttons, potatoes and chickpeas. Really nice! Besides the rice, we had grilled chicken, fresh salad, spring rolls, mini sandwiches and another one i forgot...hehehehehe...too much good food! Later, we had green tea with fresh mint and some sweets...what a resfreshing after heavy dinner and some fruits...

Splashing time...

Went for swimming yesterday...quite a long time i shied away from the pool, because of the, time to go back to the pool. Well, have a good time in the pool but last night, aching all over my body and sore throat...hehehehehee...let's splashing the Elswick pool, and i just pay £1.90 only and can swim until 9pm...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A sign of Spring: Yellow & White Daffodils

Here are some pics of daffodils, white and yellow. Daffodils are one of the earliest bloomers that tell you that the spring is coming, sprouted from the ground. So far only yellow or white daffodils can be seeing around over here.

The yellow daffodils...

and the white daffodils.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Went to Sheffield last weekend and i could not believe that i found these at the Concord Sports Centre...hehehehehe...but they were damned expensive! 40 pence per Josh, we still can find the fried tempeh over here...hehehehehe...

A sign of Spring

The winter is almost ended...and the sign of spring is now everywhere, daffodils started to sprout out ( daffodils pic) from the ground...

Snow Effect