Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Heartburn & Earthquake

Last night i could not sleep because this was the first time in 2008 i have got a painful and i thought it would subside after a few hours, and around 0120hours i could not stand it anymore and took my medication...just i laid on my bed, suddenly i felt my bed and my room moved...whoooaaahhhh...first thing across my mind that i was experiencing an was only a few second but very weird movement, and i took my glasses and looked outside and since there was no aftershock and i can see the strong wind outside, i just went back to sleep with the pain...but definitely i felt the earthquake...i used to experience this while i was living in all the time i have my torch by my bedside over here too just like in Japan...yeaaahhhhh! what i guessed was true, and this morning there was news on earthquake hit England at 5 points something on Ritcher my torch will be by my bedside my yellow torch will standby all the time...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Very strong gale

Outside, the wind blow so hard...60 to 70 dangerous for walking aroud, and the cars house all my friends and all the villagers, be careful when you are walking around, cycling around, riding around, driving around...

Just feel sexy & sweet...

Today i wore Fahrenheit32...smell sweet and all of sudden i felt sexy...hehhehehehee...well, i like to wear different eau de toilette for different day and first eau de toilette was Tuscany, spicy with citrus at top note...then i started buying different fragrances for men...currently i have 8 different eau de toilettes...celine; sweet and mellow, fahrenheit; strong masculine, fahrenheit32; sweet and sexy, both CD, paco rabanne's black xs; dark & mysterious plus sweet, ralph lauren's safari; hhhhmmm...this one quite strong and dangerous, versace's blue jeans; a gift for my birthday...sweet smell, and gucci's pour homme II, this one reminded of my late masculine&rough...and l'Occitane's the vert; green fresh & nice...and some other i left somewhere: polo blue, paco rabanne xs, polo crest, polo romance, ck be, ck one, escape and eternity, cerruti 1881, givenchy pour homme, crome azzaro, davidoff cool water, guy laroche's drakkar noir, drakkar blue, bvlgari, armani i love sweet and nice smell of myself...hahahahah...self-obsession...thinking of buying issey miyaki...oooppps just ordered some green tea & white tea fragrance from L'Occitane...the green tea eau de toilette reminds me much on autumn/winter... :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Free hugs anybody?

A bunch of teenagers, well a bunch of bored teenagers as told by one of them, offered free hugs to everybody at the Monument today. So, I've got a few free hugs :) and feel great! hehehehee...

This guy told me that they just bored and thought it is a good idea giving some hugs to others...the free hugs just reminded me about the same free hugs in New York and Paris...

Another free hugger...

Two sweet girls, offered me their hugs...

Now, this guy gave a hug to Mr.Benderrrrrrr...

...and all the free huggers came to give Mr.Benderrrrr their big hugs!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back to winter...

Last week, the whole week we experienced summer in the winter. The daily temperature was over 10 degrees, and the highest recorded was 17 days throughout the week. This week, the winter is coming back...ppphhheeewwwww...happy to have cold weather again...last night temperature was -7 degrees, and today the temperature was between -2 to -4 degrees...nice to see frost on the field nearby...ok, need to crack back my head for the last time before March...yeah...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Song: Jia Peng Fang

Best of Jia Peng Fang: erhu. Found this soothing music while bloghopping. I love the first time i listened to Silent Moon from the album River. Bought Erhu from iTunes. Really calm music sooth you through, transporting back to ancient China, reminds me of the remote countryside across vast land of China. Feeling like floating, flowing freely downstream, back to my ancestor land...far, far, far away...

Silent Moon
Sweet Dreams
Suiren - A Water Lily
Seishu - Pure
Bokyo - Harukana Tabi/Distant Travels
Xinglin Hupan
Shichahai in the Morning
Mirage of the Fall
Memory of Childhood
Silent Moon (Studio Live Version)

I recommend this soothing album to everybody. Nice to listen after a hectic day...
Genre: New Age

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Song: New Soul

I like this catchy song appeared in Apple MacBook Air advertisement. One fine day when i 'playing' with my gadget, iPhone, i've found this song and and straight away downloaded the song. Later, i checked Youtube and found this video

NEW SOUL - Yael Naim
I'm a new soul I came to this strange world 
hoping I could learn a bit about how to give and take.
But since I came here
felt the joy and the fear
finding myself making every possible mistake


I'm a young soul in this very strange world 
hoping I could learn a bit about what is true and fake.
But why all this hate?
Try to communicate.
Finding trust and love is not always easy to make.


This is a happy end cause' you don't understand 
everything you have done why's everything so wrong

this is a happy end come 
and give me your hand I'll take your far away.

I'm a new soul I came to this strange world 
hoping I could learn a bit about how to give and take 
but since I came here fellt the joy and the fear 
finding myself making every possible mistake


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

happiness, wealth, longevity

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Wishing ALL a happiest Chinese New Year
Gong Xi Fa Cai 2008
May this year bring you and family and friends prosperity and longevity, success and wealth, and great health.

Snow Effect