Wednesday, April 04, 2007

London 2007-03-25

The first day of spring. A wonderful start with Sakura in the backyard garden of Belsize Hostel, London. What a lucky encounter! And what a coincidence with my PINK week – wearing pink shirt and tee! Feel so GAY! The DST started at 0100hrs and the day is longer an hour until October.

Writing this journal looking out the garden from my room in Belsize Hostel. Interestingly looking at the full bloom of Sakura tree or Cherry Blossom. Whoah! What a beautiful feeling having a second chance to enjoy the Sakura. My first encountered to the Sakura was way back 1989 while i was studying in Japan. Sakura brought me bac the memories of my late beloved Mom. I fulfilled her passion on Sakura when she asked me to bring back the flower. Yup! I managed to get a few blooms because it is not allowed to pluck the flowers in Japan. Sakura is a sacred flower for Japanese. Sakura is a short lived flower, only one week of full bloom before the petals started to drop and actually the petals are already started to drop. Sakura in London, what a wonderful encounter! Took a few photos of Sakura. I also took a few blooms to preserve it.

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