Monday, November 12, 2007

Lonely Planet - Italy update: Roma

attencion: the pics will be posted later...

my second day in roma...continued wandering around...walked to roma termini to check theck the departure time to venice...bought the train ticket for venice and also i pyrchased the train ticket for milano thru venice...then, i continued my roma conquering...went to Piazza della Repubblica and the Santa Maria degli Angeli...after looking around the church, continued my metro journey and got off at the Barberini halt...stopped a while at the Fontana del Tritone before proceeded to Fontana de Trevi...whoah! what a magnificient fontana! then, took the metro again and stopped at Spagna to visit Trinita del old church with tall many people around...and then i walked along the narrow street full with high class boutiques...passing Tiffany, Prada, Dolce & Gabanna to name a few...with the body guards outside the shop...then arrived at the Piazza de Popolo with two indentical buildings...afterthat, acrossed the Fiume Tevere to Vatican City at Ottaviano...actually went last night but the Basilica San Pietro was today i had the chance to see around Basilica...a big church on the top of the hill...but did not manage to meet the Pope...well, after toured around the Holy Land...i went to check the biggest Islamic Centre in Europe at Campi Sportivi...but when i arrived, the Islamic Centre was already closed...well just managed to snap the centre from outside...later i went back to Termini to have my dinner at the Turkish restaurant...had chicken with bread and when i sprinkle some olive oil...OMG! so havenly taste of the olive oil full of fruity taste not like the one i have at home (eventhough i have an extra virgin one, but this one tasted nutty)...yeah! what a great taste of the oil...i more thing that i hate so much is the pizza here...i mean the price...what a pricey one even it is a staple food here...okay...have to go to prepare my trip to venice...ciao!

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Josh said...

Hi Danial, hope u're enjoying your holiday. don't forget my buah tangan ya.. hehehe.. BTW, how long will your sis & family stay here?

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