Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bookshelf: Still unfinished...

These two books are still on my bookshelf, unfinished until now especially Last Watch of The Night: Essays too personal and otherwise by the late Paul Monette. I bought it in Singapore's Kinnokuniya in mid-2005. I have this kind of problem of emotional attachment to the book i read, i will feel very sad to part with it when it comes to the end of the reading. So, just to minimize this, i just read a few pages and keep it untouched for a few weeks/months...i think i need professional help to overcome my problem...hehehehehehe... (hjh esah can you help me?) 

A collection of ten autobiographical essays examining a wide range of subjects such as gay politics, the saintliness of priests and final resting places. It forms a harmonious combination of politics, poetry and human observation with the message - don't compromise, be true.

In 1982 Sally Morgan travelled back to her grandmother's birthplace, Corunna Downs Station in Western Australia. What started out as a tentative search for information about her family turned into an overwhelming emotional and spiritual pilgrimage. Sally Morgan and her family were confronted with their own suppressed history, and with fundamental questions about their identity. The author begins by tracing the experience of her own life, growing up in suburban Perth in the 50s and 60s. Through the memories and images of her childhood and adolescence, vague hints and echoes begin to emerge, hidden knowledge is uncovered, and a fascinating story unfolds - a mystery of identity, her Aboriginal background. "My Place" is an autobiography of three generations, an account of a search for truth, into which a whole family is gradually drawn. The momentum of Sally's narrative frees the tongues, first of her mother and finally her grandmother, allowing them to tell their own stories.

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