Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mobile blogging: Winter breakaway...ATHENS

Athens is a vibrant city of great ancient Greece with great appeal and charm, and one of the most affordable cities in the world. The old district (Plaka), under the Acropolis is the best place to start exploring. The crowning glory of the Greek capital is without doubt the Parthenon on the Acropolis the greatest archeaological sites in the world. At one end you can see Athens stretched out endlessly below and from the other side you can view the islands and the Peloponnese mountains, where at the bottom of the mountain lies the ancient market place of Agorá with the streets of ancient Athens. Gypsy street vendors will show you delicate lace cloths and colourful embroidery. Avisynia square, where there is live music and dancing in the streets in the afternoon is where you can found most of the interesting shopping is based. Shopping in the capital varies from the very up-market international designer boutiques to the local Greek designers. Another interesting place to visit is Monastiraki Square's flea market is best on Sundays and sells anything from antiques to souvenirs. There are many superb museums in Athens such as The National Archaeological Museum ranks among the top ten museums in the world. The Goulandris Museum of Cyladic and Ancient Greek Art in Colon are also well worth a visit. Night life in Athens is always buzzing and very varied: taverns, restaurants, night clubs, bars, magnificent concert halls, outdoor theatres including the ancient Herod Atticus theatre, and whatever you find in Athens, you certainly won't be bored.


Jumper said...

Your entry on the wind chimes is dated December 16, 2009! So the list of entries in your blog archive is not in the right order.
Happy to see it corrected for I just like your blog to be perfectly flawless as it has always been to me.

[danial][ma] said...

hej! jumper...thanks...;-)

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