Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Millineum Bridge & Around

Hi! Welkome to Gateshead (sounds like gateshit...hehehehee...Geordie's pronunciation).

Steel Bridge which is connected to Central Station.

A glass building - the shape like a fatty worm...haven't been in there yet. Will check it out when i visit there next time.

Baltic Centre used to be a flour mill. It's an art centre.


Hafiz said...

Birthplace of my tademark Baltic pose as seen here. Have been doing it ever since.

Lili said...

finally after scrolling and clicking, i c u in the picture.. though u travel alone, aren't they are friendly enuff to lend a helping hand for a click and have a picture of yourself taken. or they are not professional enuff like you. r u professional? NOT! or in other words u just can't fit in the lense.. hahahahah just as fat and heavy like the lock-ness *LOL* that must be the reason.

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