Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lonely Planet - Swiss - Geneve::Berne::Interlaken

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Flew over the lake geneve before touched down. Arrived in Geneve airport at 1530hrs and headed straight to the railway station next to the airport. So convenient to travel. Purchased the 2nd.class ticket which was 49 swiss franc and boarded the train at 1536hrs sharp. Reached exactly 1526hrs at Berne train station and greeted by Pak , the Malaysian ambassador's driver. Met another friend who just arrived from Venice. We, then went straight away to the Malaysian ambasador's residence. Greeted by the ambasador when we arrived at the residence. The weather was nice.

Next whole day, we spent our time walked around Berne City. The World Heritage City declared by UNESCO. Took more than two hours to discover the city. Berne, in Swiss means BEAR. She got the name because of the bears used to roam the place long time ago. So BEAR become the mascot of the city. Went to the Bear Pit, where there were three wild bears being kept and protected by the city. The city is old and wow! beautiful. She is a capital city of Switzerland. Serve as political city to the country. Around two o'clock, i met with This and his friend, Pete, from California. Till, the brother of This could not make it to meet me because he has to organize a concert that night in Zurich. Well, i was delighted to meet This since the last meeting was in 2001 when Till, Eva and This came to Kuala Lumpur. We spent a couple of hours and have coffee at the nice place in Berne. Then, i have to excuse myself to go back to Embassy of Malaysia.

Today, spent half day in Interlaken. Nice view all the way to Interlaken. Interlaken is a place where two lakes meet. Beautiful country side and i can see the snow-covered mountain fro afar. Great view! The lake water so clean and the river too. Blue greenish water flowing down from the mountains.

Well, tomorrow i will fly back to Newcastle. I will discover Geneve city before flying at night. Pheeewwww! What a beautiful experience!


sbanboy said...

Great to know that you had a great time ..... pictures please :)

danialma said...

sbanboy: goin to post some pics soon.....just arrived safely from geneve. wonderful time in geneve::berne::interlaken::zurich...

Anonymous said...

I'm so envious.
Swiss, the first country that I set my heart on (Malaysia is an exception)but haven't got the chance to set my foot on

[danial][ma] said...

hej! lyna still have plenty of times to travel to plan your break now...:-)

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